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Electrical Distribution and Reticulation Development

The Rapid growing demand for energy in South Africa has pus a burden on South Africa’s major generation, transmission and distribution entities. PLP Consulting Engineers specialises in the engineering  of distribution and reticulation networks, which includes the following technologically advanced services:

-    Master planning of power distribution and reticulation systems
-    Distribution substations: 132 kV,  33kV,  22kV and 11kV up to 200 MVA
-    Transformer Installations
-    Feeder bays (Indoor and Outdoor)
-    Bus bar systems
-    Substation yards & lighting
-    Control rooms / switch rooms
-    Protection and metering
-    DC installations
-    Cable installations
-    Oil handling facilities
-    Earthing configurations
-    Power lines 11kV up to 132kV

Electrical Services
-    Infrastructure Development
The dramatic population growth, together with increasing urbanisation, underlines the necessity for the efficient planning and cost-effective development of Southern Africa’s infrastructure.  For this reason, PLP Consulting Engineers focuses on electrical services and offers expertise in the following fields.

o    Electrification of urban and rural residential developments

  •     Medium voltage cable and switchgear
  •     Mini-subs and transformers
  •     Low voltage cable reticulation
  •     Service connections
  •     Metering installations
  •     Street lighting
  •     Telkom infrastructure(sleeves)
  •     Intercom and security installations

o    Airport installations – electrical and communication installations
o    Water purification installations – electrical installations
o    Water transport installations - electrical installations
o    Sewage and wastewater treatment works - electrical installations

   Industrial and Mining
Electrical services for industrial and mining applications are highly specialised.  PLP Consulting Engineers keeps abreast of very latest developments in this technologically advanced field.

o    Indoor substations
o    Motor applications
o    Motor control centres
o    Power distribution
o    Variable speed drives
o    Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)
o    Programmable logic controllers (PLC) and instrumentation
o    Lighting and small power

-    Electrical Building Services
Electrical projects for the building industry includes all phases from planning and design to supervision and management.  Electrical services such as lighting, power generation and distribution, security systems, specialised elements such as elevator, escalator, air conditioning installations and fire protection systems .

o    Hospitals and clinics (with special emphasis on sterile environment)
o    Prison facilities
o    Office buildings and shopping centres
o    Schools, Colleges and Universities
o    Housing projects, apartment buildings
o    Hotels, holiday resorts, sporting and recreation facilities

-    Project & Maintenance Management
PLP believes that project manage3ment is an essential integrator in projects and that after-care should  be an integral part of each project . Each competent and experienced project team is headed by a principal who maintains direct involvement and acts as an extension of the clients’ organisation to ensure that projects are completed on time,  within budget and to specifications.

Project Management:
o    Construction Supervision
o    Engineering Procurement
o    Construction  management
o    Financial control
o    Quality assurance
o    Safety and loss control

Maintenance Management:
o    Preventative maintenance  programmes
o    Breakdowns
o    Energy management
o    Renovations
o    Extensions
o    Rehabilitation
o    Refurbishment
o    Auditing of existing systems


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