About PLP

PLP Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd was established in 1986 in Nelspruit.

The largest portion of PLP assignments are carried out in the Electrical  Engineering Discipline especially for the Government, Electricity Supply Organizations, City Councils, the Private Sector  and the Timber Industry.

The assignments are mainly for Electrical Reticulation work, Electrical Distribution work up to 132kV, Building Services, Industrial installations and general Project Management.
The PLP Engineers are assisted by qualified and competent staff, who have exposure in specific fields of expertise.  All of PLP Consulting Engineers' administrative staff are fully computer literate on up-to-date computer packages, thus ensuring that all tasks put to them are completed both efficiently and timeously.
PLP Consulting Engineer’s client portfolio is comprehensive and the Project Register enclosed lists some of those clients.

PLP Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd is bound by the highest ethical standards to render an above average Professional Service in order to timeously adhere to all technical and financial requirements of the client.

PLP Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd,  a dynamic Consulting Group, which represents the efforts of ordinary people to strive towards active participation in the economy and development of South Africa.
Our vision is to lead the way to economic growth for South African companies and make our presence felt in our country’s corporate corridors. We are committed as a company to ensure that the financial and social architecture of South Africa is built on equitable foundations.

The empowering of the community is a vital part of corporate South Africa’s social responsibility, which PLP Consulting Engineers takes  seriously. We believe that the achievement of business excellence depends on harnessing the best skills available, irrespective of gender, race or creed.
Our mission is to consolidate our position through the best Professional Consulting Engineering Services and business practice by managing a balanced portfolio of a successful Professional Consulting Engineering business based on innovation, market driven adaptation of technology available and customizing our clients requirements.
We continually strive as a company to be consistently recognized for delivering the best Professional Consulting Engineering Service in our field of expertise. To this end, we will continue to meet the expressed needs of our clients, desire to produce the best possible product at the lowest possible price and reinvest in their employees through training and the transferring of skills.

Our objective is to be fully committed and intimately involved in the Electrical field of Distribution Engineering, Electrification and Refurbishment projects to ensure quality and safety of supply to all electrical consumers. Our company accepts the legal requirements as the minimum standard for safety and health for all its employees and projects handled .
Our Action Plan for any project handled by PLP Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd. is to successfully complete the project within the parameters of capital budget, technically acceptable, as per approved program, in a safe manner without any incidents, to the advantage of all customers and consumers, with all relevant parties well trained and informed as well as an end product of high quality and reliability.

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